Prolong Helps Riders at Leadville 100 MTB Presented by Herbalife24

Yesterday was the Leadville Race Series Trail 100 MTB Presented by Herbalife24. This 100 mile trail ride that climbs from 9,200 to 12,424 feet is a bike race of “burning lungs, steep descents and wild animals”.

Endurance athletes worldwide now make the pilgrimage to Leadville, Colorado, with the single goal of competing in a “Race Across the Sky.”

Herbalife24 Prolong was in use at the aid stations.  During extended or intense exercise, Prolong provides a dual-source carbohydrate blend for immediate and sustained energy. Bioavailable electrolytes help support muscle contraction and maintain a properly functioning cellular environment, while a small amount of protein helps reduce muscle breakdown, speeding recovery time. All with a subtle, easy-to-drink flavour.


Janier Acevedo Wins Top Rider Award On UCI America Tour

Janier Acevedo has been crowned as the top racer on the UCI American Tour that is North, South and Central American racing circuits. The UCI America Tour is one of five UCI Continental Circuits throughout the world.  The competition, which is contested by 33 teams from 24 nations, is based on an overall total of points that an individual rider earns with results in UCI races.


12 Marathons in 12 Days

Herbalife 24 Prolong used by the Marathon Men 2103 as they completed “12 Marathons in 12 days” ,  to raise money for The Mersea Island Festival.

314 Miles Cramp Free!

“During the preparation and completion of this mammoth event we have come to learn so much about our bodies and the science that has kept them running for 26.2 miles over and over again. With the fantastic support of Herbalife 24  products we have been on top of our nutrition throughout the event and have felt hydrated, energised and able to push ourselves to the limits of endurance”

“The Prolong has given us the energy to see out each day and keep our times as consistent as possible.”

24fit’s great range of products has meant that from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed we are in the best position possible to complete 12 consecutive marathons.  #marathonmen2103

Herbalife 24 Prolong In Use At The Marathon Des Sables

” I just finished the Marathon Des Sables It’s a 6 day 150 mile foot race across the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. Aside from water rations each day, competitors are completely self-sufficient and unsupported which means if you want it during the week, you carry it on your back from day 1, food, gear, everything. Nutrition is a major key to success in this race. There is no way to carry the amount of food necessary to replace all the calories lost each day and still maintain a light enough pack to stay competitive in the race. While caloric deficiency is inevitable, athletes have to find the fine balance between energy from natural fat stores and the amount of extra calories needed to propel them at maximum effort through the final finish line. The food you choose to carry has to give you the biggest “bang for your buck.” Also, your appetite for solid food diminishes in temperatures of 120+ degrees, making it difficult to even maintain a depleted state of energy.

Herbalife Prolong was absolutely essential to my success in the desert and I would never go back without it. Prolong doesn’t have much taste and it isn’t chalky so it’s an easy way to take in calories and you barely notice you’re doing it. Other competitors found their products from other companies hard to stomach out there. I felt like I was simply drinking water from my bottles, yet every bottle contained 250 calories with 58 grams of consistent carbohydrates and over 850 milligrams of electrolytes. I never felt too full or bloated, I did not cramp, and I had consistent energy while running through each stage – even the long stage that took 15 hours of running through rock and soft sand. When you are able to take in calories for energy your body uses less of its natural stores and breaks down less which left me feeling better and more recovered each morning of the race. I carried my Prolong in a Ziploc bag; it was lightweight and easy to drop 2 scoops into my bottles at check points during the race. Prolong carried me through one of the toughest endurance running races on the planet and I will never race without it ” Ryan Liskas

Sebastian Copeland At The South Pole

Herbalife24 Video Exclusive! Antarctica is one of the harshest environments on Earth. Polar explorer Sebastian Copeland and his partner do what no other humans have done before on their most recent expedition to the South Pole – and they used Herbalife24 Prolong to fuel their adventure.