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Try Prolong At The Leadville 100

With just two weeks to go until the Leadville Trail 100, riders from all around the world are pouring into Leadville to train and preview the course.  For the second year in a row, Herbalife24 Base Camp is the place to go to make sure your visit gets off on the right foot.

Offering a selection of free Herbalife24 samples including Herbalife 24 Prolong, post-ride recovery shakes, a bike wash and a mechanical station, Herbalife24 Basecamp provides everything a savvy rider needs to get the most out of his or her training. It’s also the place to go for expert training and course advice from our pro riders and LT100 veterans.

Where to Find Herbalife24 Base Camp

Conveniently located in the center of town, Herbalife24 Base Camp is the perfect place to start and end your rides.   Its directly across the street from Cycles of Life bike shop (309 Harrison Ave.), and share access to the large free public parking lot located directly behind Leadville Race Series Headquarters (316 Harrison Ave.)   From this lot, you can’t miss our open gate, mechanic area, race trailer, and nutrition station.

Herbalife24 Base Camp
112 E. 3rd Street
Leadville, CO 80461

Its at the south end of town along Harrison.  Enter from the side gate on uphill side of E. 3rd Street, or from the parking lot gate facing the FREE Public Lot located directly behind Life Time Fitness Leadville Race Headquarters.

Reasons to visit Herbalife 24 Base Camp

Free Samples & Swag:  Sign in with your name and email to receive a free Herbalife24 T-Shirt, Water Bottle, and product samples

  • Pre-ride fueling and hydration station featuring Herbalife24 Prolong and other Herbalife24 nutritional products
  • Self-serve mechanic station featuring basic hand tools, floor pumps, workstands, bike wash, and air compressor
  • Team Herbalife24 pro riders and Leadville veterans to answer questions regarding nutrition, race strategy, course directions, and more
  • Post-ride recovery shakes

Opening times

Herbalife 24 Base Camp will be open in Leadville until the end of August 2012

Monday to Friday

7am – 5pm:  Fueling station and mechanic station open to riders
8am – 12pm & 1pm-5pm:  Sign-in for Sample/Swag package; Team Herbalife24 representatives available for advice
1pm – 5pm:  Recovery Shakes featuring Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance

Saturday & Sunday

9am – 1pm:  Neutral support on course for all riders; Herbalife24 Team Cars positioned at bottom of Powerline and at Twin Lakes Dam, with bottle refills and product samples.

Featured events

Saturday August 4th, 6pm:  Ride your best race training session

August 11 2012: The Leadville Trail 100 takes place.

Prolong On Course Endurance Drink At The Leadville 100

Herbalife 24 Prolong was the offical on course endurance drink at the Leadville 100. In this video, the scientist behind Prolong Dr John Heiss,  talks about what is needed calories and hydration wise during an endurance event.